Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

An enchanted beast terrorizes, then captures a maiden... but who captures who? Beauty and the Beast is one of the most resonant, endearing and enduring love stories of all time.

Is it your story?

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  1. If my wedding was a fairy tale, it was definitely Beauty and the Beast. My fiancee had a thing for King Kong, which is totally a B & the B story. We made a little Kong and Anne Darrow for the top of the cake, and his vows were along the line of I called him on Skull Island and asked him to come to New York with me.

    I was afraid of getting married, and found courage in the Persephone story, which is also a B & the B story. (What greater Beast than the Hades?) Both Persephone and Beauty headed into the home of the Beast with a belief in themselves. "I love and therefore I can handle this."

    And of course my Beast, who indeed can be a bit beastly at times--but at others is a funny and furry ape who likes to climb on things, is much more fun and interesting than a regular, well-groomed, politically proper prince.